• Low impact

    Products for water providers that meet future lead-free environmental standards today


  • Advanced Metering

    Our electronic meters are selected by utilities for their long term accuracy, durability and quality


  • Sustained accuracy

    Electronic meters' accuracy is sustained over the life of the meter 


  • Improved performance

    Leak detection capabilities will improve using our innovative electronic metering solutions


Utility Products

Q700PToday’s water meters need to be more reliable, accurate and durable, with advanced flow technology capable of capturing revenue while reducing overall operating costs.

Elster’s suite of solid state metering products deliver high levels of accuracy over a variety of installation conditions and applications. The meters are well suited for either predominantly high or low flows within their size classes. Residential and Commercial customer service revenue metering, network management and leak detection capabilities improve through the use of these innovative, yet proven metering solutions.

The evoQ4 electronic water meter utilizes a continuous 0.5 second sampling rate to deliver excellent accuracy performance. The SM700’s fluidic oscillator design provides electronic flow sensing that delivers outstanding performance, exceeding AWWA C713 requirements and comparable traditional mechanical meters. Most importantly these meters’ accuracy performance is sustained over the life of the meter.

Both the evoQ4 and SM700 meters are constructed from materials chosen to resist corrosion without concerns for lead contamination of water supplies and are in compliance with the requirements of NSF-61 and the Safe Drinking Water Act. With no moving parts, these measurement technologies are unaffected by the particulates that inevitably wear traditional mechanical meters, eliminating the need for regular maintenance, testing and periodic calibration.

Both evoQ4 and SM700 meters are compatible with AMR/AMI solutions for which register changes are not required. evoQ4 meters offer additional output choices to integrate the meters to both AMR and network management systems.

Benefits of electronic flow measurement

  • Maintenance free measurement technology with no-moving parts
  • Sustained performance and accuracy over the life of the meter
  • No lost revenue through typical progressive loss of accuracy 
  • Broad flow range comparable to and/or exceeding that of mechanical meter technologies
  • Output choices to integrate with AMI and network management systems

evoQ4 electromagnetic measurement principle

  • Highly accurate - 0.5 second sampling rate
  • Network management and leak detection capabilities
  • Easy installation with standard lay lengths
  • UL approval for fire service applications

SM700 fluidic oscillator design

  • Embedded intelligence with status functionality 
  • Longer field service life
  • Factory potted connectivity
  • Removable battery allowing for ease of recycling