• Low impact

    Products for water providers that meet future lead-free environmental standards today


  • Advanced Metering

    Our electronic meters are selected by utilities for their long term accuracy, durability and quality


  • Sustained accuracy

    Electronic meters' accuracy is sustained over the life of the meter 


  • Improved performance

    Leak detection capabilities will improve using our innovative electronic metering solutions


Oil meters

Oil MeterThis Elster AMCO Water line of high precision oscillating piston oil flow meters covers a range of flows from 0.25 to 8000 GPH. These meters are capable of handling a wide viscosity range including light and medium heating oil, diesel, and even heavy heating oil for some sizes. Accuracy is +/-1% throughout the operating flow range for each meter. Each meter is tested with #2 oil at 70°F to verify the accuracy-

Typical applications of the Elster AMCO oil meters include: Measuring heating oil consumption in burners for heating units and industrial furnaces; measuring fuel consumption in land-based and sea-based diesel engines including emergency power generators; industrial batching applications.